Our program will ensure that your trees and shrubs will remain healthy and attractive throughout Idaho's four seasons. Through both preventative and curative applications, insect pest populations and fungus problems will be greatly reduced.  Our experienced technicians will apply the right dormant oils, pesticides, insecticides and fertilizers at the appropriate times maximizing your landscape ability to thrive.

Systemic Insecticide Drench protect your trees from Aphids.

With an annual systemic insecticide application we can protect your deciduous trees from aphid infestations for a full year.  This newer technology is applied by way of a soil drench around the base of the tree.  It is absorbed by the roots and moves to all parts of the tree including the leaves.  This application makes the tree an unacceptable host to aphids thereby eliminating the sticky drip associated with their presence that attracts ants and bees and certain other destructive insect pest.