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Enjoy piece of mind knowing that your home is free of potentially dangerous Hobo spiders, destructive Carpenter ants, and troublesome wasps.

Quarterly perimeter spray maintenance applications will be made 2 to 2-1/2 months apart omitting late November, December and January.

We will spray all around the foundation of the building as well as around all door frames, 1st floor window frames and eaves, around decks, vents and any other insect access points. This will create an invisible, odorless, residual barrier that is harmless to people and pets but repels insects and spiders. They can detect it and don't want to cross it. If they do enter the sprayed areas they die a short time later. These applications will also reduce the number of wasp nests that will be built on your home. Any existing wasp nests will be sought out, neutralized and knocked down.

With this program we guarantee you a pest free home inside and out year round!


When we begin a pest control maintenance program for a new property we strongly recommend an initial full interior and exterior clean out in order to achieve control of spiders, egg sacks and insects already in the building.

A clean out includes the following:

  1. A full exterior pest control spray as described above.

  2. We will broom the exterior of the building to remove all cobwebs. This will provide a cleaner appearance, reduce pest hiding spots and prevent the spiders from reusing the webs.

  3. A full interior perimeter spray of all rooms, hallways, walk-in closets, etc. This residual is a preventative step that will eliminate any future pests that hatch inside.

A clean out is a one-time job that creates a pest free interior environment and allows the future quarterly exterior maintenance applications to be reliable and effective.


Ramey's Yard Care provides both proactive and curative rodent control services.  Based upon your circumstances, various methods may be employed to rid your home of rodents and prevent reinfestation.


Our yellow jacket baiting program proactively controls these troublesome pests all season long.  We will hang small bait stations (4" x 2") around your property each May and return in June, July and August to refresh the bait and insecticide.  We will come back each September or October to collect the bait stations.  This program will dramatically reduce yellow jacket populations around your home or property allowing you and your family to experience a safer, more enjoyable North Idaho summertime!  This process is not hazardous to honeybees or other pollinators due to the fact that they are not attracted to the protein based baits.

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